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Our Instagram packages will help You to promote Your account every week or month, up to Your choice. Get new Followers, post Likes and Comments fast using one of the subscriptions, and enjoy the quality service and the account improvement.

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Weekly package

500 Insta Followers

$49.99  $24.99

Weekly package

1000 Insta Followers

$99.99  $49.99

Weekly package

3000 Insta Followers

$199.99  $99.99

Monthly package

1000 Insta Followers

$149.99  $74.99

Monthly package

5000 Insta Followers

$449.99  $224.99

Monthly package

10000 Insta Followers

$699.99  $349.99

Real and active Instagram followers and likes – indubitably the best service for payable and speedy Insta profile development.

Instagram is a gigantic resource of endless possibilities and opportunities opening for those who know how to promote right: often enough this right approach includes buys of Instagram followers, likes and comments in package that should come in accompany to regularly posted photos and other type of publications.

You can buy Instagram followers that like your pictures, but they won’t bring you half the benefit you could acquire by purchasing cheap Instagram followers and likes added with comments coming straight on your profile in set period of time. This is a new option which appeared on social media adverting international market and gained it leader positions in a blink of an eye.

Why is it so expedient to buy likes, followers and comments on Instagram coming in package and how to buy Instagram package on best circs? Well, you might’ve heard that one of the most important parameters that show account’s value and general decency is its balance and natural overview. Purchase of followers, likes and comments on Instagram in package is one of the most efficient and short ways to reach that; when all three positions of this package are precalculated and ready to go you don’t have to spend extra time on analyzing things yourself.

Therefore you can conclude that this option of Instagram package is almost obligatory and inevitable for those who have zero time to spend on social media handles while leading a business; or for those who have to supply several Instagram accounts with likes, comments and followers. This process is going to be twice easier if you choose to take on Instagram package instead of buying likes and followers plus comments all separately.

Instagram package also varies in its time frames; you can choose between weekly or monthly subscriptions on best sites to buy Instagram followers and likes. Those resources usually care about making a package flexible and presenting several options of how to buy Instagram followers and likes in one particular situation. Individual approach for planning and calculating needed amounts is key in terms to reach success while buying Insta followers and likes in package.

Therefore, what is the reason for somebody to choose Instagram package over separate buys of likes and followers on IG? Main one is the possibility to save money – compound options are always cheaper than buying real Instagram followers that like your photos divided from comments and likes. Combining all in one by buying Instagram package  is a sure way to save cash and boost your profile all in one go.

How to buy likes and followers on Instagram combined all together in a package, do it safely and stay sure in future results?

  • Any possible buy’s arrangement (Instagram package of followers, likes and comments is not an exception) should start with consulting. What we mean by that: try to find reviews or comments on chosen company’s services of sold Instagram package of followers, likes and comments and think if those are positive and grateful enough for you to form a partnership with such resource. Companies of such type rarely tend to have a public portfolio due to privacy demands, which is exactly why you have to follow this step religiously – if you don’t, the risk of losing your money over nothing is too high. If you’re aimed at purchasing real, instant and quality Instagram package, please, follow our experienced advice.
  • Second of all, one of the main points would be to find an average and moderate price for cheap Instagram followers and likes plus comments in one package. Try to collate costs and see differences yourself – if chosen company’s price list for Instagram package is too high or too low, you have to quit and keep on going looking for decent agency to collaborate with. Buying likes and followers and comments in package for your Instagram account is worth paying maximum attention and putting some effort into it.
  • Paying for Instagram followers and likes in package is only fu when done by fixated price with no additional pays for it. What are those payments for Instagram package exactly? Sometimes a billing service would demand added commission pay on a transaction to make it happen internationally. That’s why your Instagram package can sometimes appear to be a little bit more expensive than you’ve planned it to be. Nevertheless, this Instagram package oops us fixable by choosing to work with an agency that cooperates with more decent and caring paying services, like Paypal, Visa and other alike ones.
  • Consultations about buy of Instagram package are extra important – there are several ways that you can follow to reach the point of buying truly gainful and expedient Instagram package. A) you can find previous buyers of chosen company and ask them about details and nuances of collaboration and package buy from this agency while buying Instagram package or b) you can call for professional help straight from the agency’s manager who should be fully able to give out all the details about Instagram followers, likes and real comments bought in a package. Never skip that step if you want your buy of Insta package to be extra payable and profit-making.

We’ve told you practically everything you could need to organize a one fat buy of Instagram package that will last you for quite some time – the only thing left to do is choose whether you want to acquire a monthly or weekly subscription. This is easily done by just sitting down and analyzing your Instagram package needs of likes, followers and comments on a daily basis. The last question that we want to clear out would be:

Best place to buy Instagram followers and likes in a wholesome package: Viplikes’ professional do’s and don’t’s which we stand by.

Viplikes was there before hundreds of inexperienced and oafish novice agencies that claim to be professionals appeared on the market. We’ve had enough time to gather interesting cases and work out our very own strategy of handling orders of Instagram package or literally anything you could need to organize your social media handles development.

We treat each and every of our patrons as VIP ones and give out all needed technical and informative support for Instagram package buys at any time of day and night. There’s just no chance that you’re going to be left without attention or answers to stirring questions about buying Instagram likes, comments and followers in a package. But how do we manage to provide such highest quality services of selling you Instagram package?

It’s simple: we try to keep things mutually remunerative in three ways – for you, as a customer who desires to purchase proper Instagram package, for us, as a company that delivers, and for those people who we “hire” online as our helpers (they are the users who actually deliver you those likes, becoming your followers and writing those comments on your Instagram profile). Package is one of the most required services of ours due to its superposing specialties and ability to cover you on each and every need related to Instagram development.

Our delivery is just like lightning – fast and straight forward. We guarantee your ordered Instagram package to be delivered in fixated deadline of a week or a month. It’s up to you – you decide whether a weekly or monthly subscription service of Instagram likes, comments and followers real and cheap delivered in a package is going to be most efficient for you. Our duty is to provide you with it which we gladly do for more than several years now.

What we also proffer is commission free service of paying for you order of Instagram package – we collaborate with “” which helps to keep each and every transaction transparent and controllable at its best for customers’ needs to stay calm and sure in their financial state and safety. Visa and Paypal and some other decent billing machines help us to stay free from added pays on Instagram package as well!

Our highly educated technicians are also fully able of composing your very own promoting plan starting with demanded Instagram package and finishing with several more social media handles that you might’ve been wanting to promote but didn’t quite know how to start. We’re going not only sell you quality instant Instagram package but also guide you to something bigger than that.

All in all, you have all needed info and easy to follow instructions about Instagram comments, followers and likes in a package on your hands – we hope that now you’re determined enough to come by our managers and apply for a buy of Insta package right now! We will be glad to assist you in your promo wills at any time of day and night due to our 24/7 online availability. Come and buy Instagram package, boosting your profile with likes, comments and followers that it was so in need of!