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All the comments are 100% real! Come from all over the world. You can sent to us your comments and we`ll place it. Comments start within 1 to 12 hours. Speed is average of 20 to 50 comments per day. Comments can be splitted between different post.

Please be sure that you insert correct YOUR PAGE URL and E-Mail.


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Get paid to comment on Facebook: how Viplikes cooperates with real users to provide you great quality comments.

Our work system and our way to allow people to buy quality comments on Facebook are honest and base on cooperating with real people on the Internet. How are we doing that? Due to huge content base that Viplikes keeps under management we’re able to reward our helpers with all types of free quality content that millions of people search online everyday but can’t get for free. After our “employees” agree on cooperating with us and leave our clients Facebook comments (likes, reposts and etc.) we give them access to any content they like. This is how Viplikes keeps things efficient and honest.

That’s why you basically don’t have to worry about comments that you buy for Facebook on our website being unreal or inadequate – this often happens when you purchase Facebook comments from agencies that exploit bots as a delivery mechanism. When people order comments for Facebook from them they don’t know yet that those comments are going to be delivered by bots that can’t leave composed and adequate texts – it’s easily seen and users that visit such pages don’t find content on it appealing and referable because of such services of useless Facebook comments shown to this page’s owner.

Buying comments on Viplikes means investing in your Facebook page’s decent development which won’t cause any questions from side users who’ll come on your page to check out your content. Our comments for Facebook are fully able to boost your promo and bring you unquestionable benefits that will improve your page’s statistics in no time.

How to buy real Facebook comments from Viplikes?

The whole process of buying Facebook comments on our website is fast and easy – we created a special quick form that will allow you to purchase comments for your Facebook page almost in one click. All you have to do is choose suiting package of Facebook comments, fill in this form and pay for your order online using one of offered transferring systems – Visa, MasterCard, Paypal and some other convenient options. You can be sure that you’re payment for Facebook comments order is totally safe and will come through as fast as possible – we cooperate with “2checkout.com” which has proven its efficiency over the years of partnering with multiple selling platforms.

The only problem that can stand in your way to successful buy of Facebook comments is your uncertainty about the question of which package of Facebook comments will suit you the best. If you don’t know where to start you should definitely ask for some help from our professional managers who will gladly assist you on the way to Facebook popularity and social media success. You’ll be able to analyze the situation together and come up with helpful conclusions which will guide towards picking the right package of comments for your Facebook page.

Delivery time will also be on point in case you’ll choose to buy comments for Facebook from Viplikes – you’ll start seeing first comments appearing on your account in first 24 hours from the start and than in less than 72 hours the whole order is going to be delivered on your profile. It doesn’t matter what amount of comments for Facebook you’ve ordered – we’re going to handle any package in said time without any delays.

Why Viplikes is the best online promo service?

  • We stand by a huge experience with many different clients who’ve brought us many different requirements and aims to fulfill – we’ve managed to promote pages (using Facebook comments as well) to the point when they went viral and almost every of our new clients became or regular ones as the time went on. Viplikes offers services of buying comments for Facebook in any region of the world and has services available 24/7 due to location of the offices – we base in USA and in London at the same time.
  • Viplikes is probably the best place to come and collect all needed promo tools while saving some money for future purchases – we organize regular sales and come up with various discounts on multiple packages – unfortunately, there’re no discounts available for Facebook comments right now but later it’s pretty possible for them to appear on our discount list. For now we offer many other sales for Facebook options which you can check out in different categories on the menu above.
  • Comments on Facebook are great by many different reasons and the fact that we offer totally real comments is giving you the opportunity to take on each and every advantage that this service can provide. Our comments can really state the mood for your page and make other people believe any opinion you want them to – you can even give us direction on what comments you want to see posted on your page. This is how you can help us to deliver the service – by telling us what exact comments you want to see on your Facebook page.

We’ve given you a lot of info on how to buy comments on Facebook and gain all the benefits – summarized answer would be to go at Viplikes and choose which service will suit you best! Sometimes online promotion seems as something extra hard and impossible but we can assure you that with some help from professional promoters it’s going to be a pleasing and easy ride! Come buy Facebook comments and see it yourself – your own benefits and positive changes won’t have you waiting for long!